Picvisa is a company specialized in the manufacture of machinery for waste sorting and recycling. Since its foundation in 2006, it has worked to innovate in the industry and offer sustainable and efficient solutions to its customers.

However, despite its success in the market, Picvisa faced a major problem: it did not have a support platform for the collection and evaluation of ideas and initiatives for the intrapreneurship of its company. In addition, they needed a rating system with email automation and the digitization of a funnel that was leaking ideas, initiatives and projects.

It is at this point that Picvisa decided to contact us in search of a specialized tool in the management of intrapreneurship and innovation in companies. With the help of Acceleralia-VBaaS, Picvisa was able to implement a system of collection and evaluation of ideas that allowed employees to present proposals for the improvement of the company. VBaaS has been deployed in order to support its departments through an intrapreneurship process, resulting in 35 ideas that have been roughly accelerated so far.

Once the ideas were collected, a rating system was used to evaluate their viability and potential based on the NUF rating system (Novelty, Usefulness and Feasibility). The best valued ideas then passed to a phase of initiative, where they were developed and carried out. All this was managed from the Acceleralia-VBaaS platform, which allowed Picvisa to automate the process and simplify the management of intrapreneurship initiatives.

The result of this implementation has been a resounding success for Picvisa. The Acceleralia-VBaaS platform has allowed the company to improve its capacity for innovation and has encouraged the participation of employees in the improvement of the company. In addition, it has made it possible to automate the entire process, which has meant a significant saving of time and resources.

But the success hasn’t stopped here. Now, we are working on improving the proposal with Inlab, our specialized tool in project incubation, to further improve the results obtained from this process. The collaboration with Inlab will allow Picvisa to develop this idea more efficiently and guarantee its success in the market.

Picvisa’s success story demonstrates how the implementation of intrapreneurship and innovation management tools can make a big difference in the success and sustainability of a company. Acceleralia-VBaaS platform has allowed Picvisa to automate the entire process of collecting and evaluating ideas, which has improved its capacity for innovation and has encouraged the participation of employees in the improvement of the company. Now, with Inlab, Picvisa is working to bring one of these ideas to reality and continue to lead the market for waste sorting and recycling.

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