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We develop a customized digital training academy for your employees, suppliers or clients.

A technical training platform with its own content, from third parties and the organization itself and with customizable completion certifications.

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Platform features

Offer your employees digital solutions to increase innovation and monetize knowledge

Tailor-Made Technical Courses

Improve competitiveness through your own technical courses that influence the know-how of your company.

Tracking Metrics

A global view of all the training in your organization and all the progress of the courses.

Recommendation Simulators

Simulators to help the user focus their efforts and align them with their ideal career plan.

Downloadable Certificates

Personalized certificates that the user can download once the course has finished.

Centralization And Automation

Platform with automated processes to save resources in all management.

Ease of use

A simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface allows you to move around the platform effortlessly.

Customizable To Your Branding

Customize the entire platform and certificates with the logo, letter and colors of your organization.

Bonusable by fundae

Bonus the training of your employees through the contributions you pay to Social Security.

Academy gives you the possibility to develop:

A Technical Academy

For your customers, employees or suppliers (it will help you sell your products more and better)

A Digital Academy For Your Employees

With existing product training courses, on-boarding and a sales school to sell better.

A digital innovation school

With continuous improvement programs, intra-entrepreneurship or open innovation.



Years of experience in digital consulting


Managers are satisfied


Companies already trust us


Resources between information and templates

A unique experience in the training of your employees, suppliers or customers

Offer your stakeholders the training they need through a 100% online platform.

Our courses

Quaility training

Learn how to provide your employees with necessary the elements and tools to achieve the level of performance desired by the organization.

Training in business areas

This plan will help you collect the set of techniques and actions necessary to update the knowledge of your employees, with the aim of continuously improving their skills and getting more prepared workers.

Training about your company

This plan will help you improve your company’s internal processes. You can choose topics for the Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Finance and Legal departments, among others.

Technology training

In this phase we will provide you with training actions aimed at acquiring and improving professional skills related to technological changes and digital transformation, such as artificial intelligence, application development, among others.

Sales training

In this phase we will teach you theoretical and practical skills to increase the confidence and cohesion of your team. We will address different areas (product sales, automation, methodology, management) and provide all the necessary tools for the achievement of the processes.

Language training

We will focus on training listening, reading and writing through adapted courses. This plan has videos made by natives, evaluation tests and much more.

Training in soft skills

We will focus on optimize skills in communicating with others, teamwork and leadership. We will see team leadership, positive leadership, non-verbal communication and many more.

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