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We are a Project engagement platform that boosts the motivation and commitment of talent by optimizing the outcome of projects!

The all-in-one solution for your community

An all-in-one solution methodology that provides disruptive technology to energize, train and connect talent, generate ideas, optimize projects, recognize effort, and communicate instantly by offering immersive experiences in extraordinary events.

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With you every step of the way

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Project Outcomes

Improve project outcomes, reduce expenses, and increase professional loyalty by focusing on performance optimization.


Innovative Methodology

Energize and connect professionals through training, idea generation, and optimized project execution, all enhanced.


Who Is Our Client

Perfect for organizations managing numerous projects, our platform excels in collaborative and flexible talent solutions.

The Method

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Where knowledge is created

The Learn module allows you to boost job talent through tailored training.


  • E-learning solutions
  • LMS integrations
  • Content creation
  • Knowledge monetization

Best business cases:

  • Innovation Schools
  • Sectorial schools
  • Technical academies
  • Digital campuses


New sources of income. >50K/year potential and eligible for bonuses with Fundae.

-40% on consultations, reducing costs, with custom planned training.

Where experts give mentoring & support

Incorporate specialized mentors to your projects obtain quality talent acquisition to ensure their success or generate your own network of mentors.


  • Talent categorization
  • Mentorship reviews
  • Mentoring monetization
  • Automatized onboarding

Best business cases: 

  • Talent availability
  • Mentor networks
  • Business angel networks
  • Corporations Experts


Classification of experts available when needed.

Automated mentoring processes with templates, reviews and traceability.

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Where projects are accelerated with ours virtual talent hubs

Validates and accelerates business ideas and develops projects through agile methodologies.


  • Acceleration tracks
  • Tutor feedback
  • Discussion forums
  • Smart printing

Best business cases:

  • Project incubation
  • Project management
  • Business plans
  • Report automation


+50% resource efficiency by avoiding duplication of doubts.

+100% capacity by automating customized deliverables with intelligent printing.

Where challenges are solved

Collect and define new ideas, find solutions, develop initiatives and set up your evaluation committee.


  • Challenge promotion
  • Team composition
  • Quick training sessions
  • Gamified investor days

Best business cases:

  • Short-term challenges
  • Digital Hackathons
  • Entrepreneurship days
  • Bootcamps


+60% efficiency: Automated communication flows and team building.

-50% cost with 1 person + automation. Management of 4 challenges, 60 projects and 300 users.

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Benefits of digital collaboration tools through technical talent


VBaaS is our plataform software engineers that maximizes startups’ chances of success by helping entrepreneurs make the best decisions.



VBaaS is our software platform that maximizes startups’ chances of success by helping entrepreneurs make the best decisions.


In which sectors we work



We help large, small and medium-sized corporations to centralize and train their talent, accelerate their business projects and identify, generate and validate ideas, seeking innovative solutions to their business challenges.


Public institutions

We help public institutions to boost employability, digitize processes, like kit digital, and innovate through incubation and business creation programs. We also solve challenges and implement customized projects to promote economic and social growth.



We participate in the development of projects with challenges within subjects or search for solutions to challenges of public institutions or corporations. Generate a community with networking and training for the alumni.



It validates and accelerates business ideas, tracks all the projects of your entrepreneurs in real time, provides a networking network with investors and mentors to materialize the projects.


Discover our mentoring network

We have a large network of experts with a recognized track record and specific training that you can incorporate into your project to ensure its success.

With the aim of acting as a guide and enhance the knowledge of your employees to make them shine.

Some of our clients

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Find out what some of our clients have to say

Pau AmigóPau Amigó
19:14 19 Nov 22
Very functional and versatile platform that has been of great help in events that we have organized at the university.
Maryana Marcano TMaryana Marcano T
12:45 12 May 22
A very powerful and flexible tool with great customer service.
Incredible service and very powerful features. A safe bet!
Ghitel Rogov AltmanGhitel Rogov Altman
23:36 13 Dec 21
Professionalism and commitment.
Kalina StoyanovaKalina Stoyanova
11:43 12 May 21

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