What is a community of entrepreneurs and the keys to promoting it

Entrepreneurs who start a business activity sometimes feel that they are alone on a boat that does not know where it is going to end up.

Therefore, a community of entrepreneurs can be the ideal place to realize that you are not alone and where you can learn many things from other entrepreneurs who are in the same situation.

What is a community of entrepreneurs?

A community of entrepreneurs can be defined as a large workspace shared by self-employed entrepreneurs and young self-employed in initial phases in which an environment of collaboration and mutual help is created to achieve the objectives. It is an initiative that goes beyond coworking, since entrepreneurs, in addition to sharing an office, share similar objectives.

In these communities of entrepreneurs, in addition to freelancers, start-ups and entrepreneurs, NGOs or associations can also be added that can create collaborative synergies with companies. It is a way for different types of agents of the local economy to feel accompanied in their projects to increase the chances of success.

What are the advantages of a community of entrepreneurial people?

A community of entrepreneurs brings interesting advantages to the members who are part of them. Among the most interesting, we can mention the following:

Feeling part of a large community

The loneliness of the entrepreneur in the early stages makes many end up giving up. In this type of community, the ideal environment is generated for all entrepreneurs to feel accompanied and feel that they are part of something that can become a successful initiative.

Improvement of workspaces

In the communities of entrepreneurs, there are professional workspaces with all kinds of details that make it easier for entrepreneurs to do every day.

The facilities are usually very well maintained and there are even meeting rooms that any entrepreneur can use to meet with investors, business partners or potential customers in a serious and professional environment.

Increase motivation

In community of entrepreneurial people, the self-employed and entrepreneurs are motivated by each other when someone has weak or has doubts about how to get ahead of a problem.

It is common to find advice and recommendations from other entrepreneurs who may have gone through similar situations before. This helps to stay highly motivated with the development of the business idea.

Encourage collaboration

Collaboration between companies and entrepreneurs is one of the distinctive signs of entrepreneurial communities. The members collaborate and work with each other to carry out their projects and even to generate new ones.

An entrepreneur can end up being the partner of another company for a project and an employee of a start-up can end up offering his services to a freelancer on a temporary basis. They solve the problems with each other in a collaborative and creative way.

Scheduling of activities

In the communities of entrepreneurs, such as the one created by CaixaBank to promote the development of start-ups, different types of activities are carried out, such as events with entrepreneurs and external companies, meetings with investors, open days and all kinds of programming that help businesses get ahead.

How can you conduct yourself correctly as entrepreneurs?

In order to adequately promote the creation of a community of this type, it is necessary to have advice from professional companies. Our company has Acceleralia, a digital solution to accelerate projects and an online platform to plan, develop and improve the communication of entrepreneurial projects.

In addition, the collaboration of public bodies such as municipalities, councils or entrepreneurship areas of universities is essential to channel efforts around the creation of the space that will house the community of this type. To do this, you need to find a space large enough to accommodate a good number of freelancers and start-ups.

In addition, funding is needed to start it up and make investments in furniture, to introduce high-speed internet or to create meeting or event rooms. The objective must be to create a space for young entrepreneurs and self-employed to find the ideal place in which to start their business activity.

For the promotion of a community of this type, the establishment of financial aid lines, collaboration in the search for potential investors or banking entities that finance young people’s projects or a suitable location so that access is easy can also be of great help.

As can be seen, communities of entrepreneurs can be decisive for the success of business initiatives in the initial stages and start-ups while encouraging entrepreneurship.

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