Archipélago Next

In today’s world, innovation and entrepreneurship are fundamental for economic and social development. However, many times, brilliant ideas do not become a reality due to the lack of adequate resources, support and knowledge. Archipelago Next is an initiative that was born to solve this problem and promote the development of innovative and disruptive projects.

Archipelago Next is a venture capital fund that aims to invest in high-tech companies and support their growth. But it is not only an investment fund, Archipelago Next is also a program of idea generation, incubation and acceleration, which aims to help entrepreneurs develop and launch their projects effectively.

The problem faced by Archipelago Next was that it did not have a process, nor a support platform for the collection of ideas, assembly of equipment, incubation and acceleration of projects. As a result, in their first edition of the Archipelago Next Venture Builder program they were in a situation where they had to look for projects manually and could not effectively support them in their development. In addition, all this need to digitize the process was enhanced with the arrival of Covid 19.

From Acceleralia-VBaaS, the entire process was managed with the stages described above, and the projects were accelerated, being the vital solution to their main problem. In addition, 5 Acceleraia – VBaaS users were provided to assist the onboarding and initial incubation/acceleration process. With these resources, Archipelago Next was able to establish a solid and effective process for the development of projects.

The Acceleralia-VBaaS process was divided into 5 stages: Challenge proposals, generation and collection of ideas, team building, incubation and acceleration. In the first stage, Archipelago next and its partners proposed a series of challenges to be solved. In the second stage, the Archipelago Next team worked with entrepreneurs to help them develop their ideas and turn them into solid business plans. Design thinking techniques were used and brainstorming sessions were held to generate innovative ideas.

With these innovative ideas, it was necessary to form teams, through matching processes, hackathons and webinars, always going through a selection process and repositioning the profiles in different teams if necessary.

Once the teams were assembled, they moved on to the incubation stage. At this stage, Archipelago Next provided entrepreneurs with the support and resources necessary to turn their ideas into prototypes and minimum viable products (MVP). In addition, they were provided with advice in areas such as finance, marketing and business development to ensure that the projects were successful.

Finally, in the acceleration stage, Archipelago Next and mentors specialized in different subjects worked with the entrepreneurs mainly on the Acceleralia-VBaaS platform to bring their products to the market and scale their businesses. They were given access to capital and a wide network of contacts that allowed them to connect with investors, clients and other key players in their industry.

Since its foundation, Archipelago Next has accelerated 13 projects together with Acceleralia-VBaaS and, in addition, has invested in several of them. Among the projects supported are startups in financial technology, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, renewable energy and health. All of them have in common innovation and disruption in their respective fields.

This success story is a very interesting initiative that has managed to create a solid and effective process for the generation, incubation and acceleration of innovative projects.

At Acceleralia-VBaaS we have extensive experience and a team of more than 30 experts in corporate acceleration. We hope that the information provided has been inspiring for you and if you are looking for a support platform for the collection of ideas, assembly of equipment, incubation, acceleration of projects and management of the entire process, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you and help you drive your projects to success.