Techniques to enhance intrapreneurship in your company

The development of innovative proposals is essential to improve business performance, so there are multiple techniques that allow this purpose to be achieved, among which intra-entrepreneurship can be highlighted: a method of innovation within the company itself. At Acceleralia we offer you the following techniques and various digital solutions to enhance this method.

Techniques to enhance intrapreneurship in your company

While a company can be profitable and economically healthy, the truth is that innovation and the development of new activities that allow the acquisition of new markets, better production conditions or new services is crucial to stay competitive and obtain growth opportunities.

In this sense, so-called intrapreneurships are a type of activity within the same company that allows different employees and professionals to discover and develop innovative proposals that can generate benefits for the company. It is a type of activity that depends a lot on the company’s talent, its objectives and resources.

Therefore, when it comes to understanding what motivates intra-entrepreneurship, we have to emphasize that it is a flexible practice that easily adapts to the particular characteristics of the company and the resources it has to develop personalized techniques. In this sense, it is possible to apply this model to process optimization, technological innovation or the creation of new departments, among many others.

Establish an area dedicated to articulating intra-entrepreneurship within the company

First of all, one of the most important tasks is to establish an area dedicated exclusively to integrating and promoting intra-entrepreneurship as an activity of the utmost importance. It is necessary to have an organized structure that allows you to assimilate the innovation and development tasks necessary to concretize projects and obtain results.

A dedicated area has to respond to the operational requirements of the company, its budget and be effective in its work. Otherwise, maintaining a structure that seeks to take advantage of opportunities of a variable nature can be a structural cost that is difficult to solve. In this sense, the results-oriented participation of employees should be encouraged.

Active promotion of communication

This activity depends largely on the motivation and creativity of intrapreneurs to identify untapped strengths and opportunities. Therefore, it is essential to establish active listening between them and the hierarchical positions that can provide them with the necessary tools.

To implement an active communication promotion technique, it is necessary to have spaces for dialogue in which they can be received:

  • Recommendations to improve processes
  • Specific projects to take advantage of resources
  • Innovations in the portfolio of products and services offered

And foresee other proposals that the company’s professionals can provide, even if it is not their specific function: the best ideas usually come from those who work in the different areas of the company on a regular basis.

Process and optimization of operations

While it is true that intrapreneurship requires some flexibility to produce innovative proposals, it is necessary to establish a process so that these proposals are developed efficiently, training professionals in the different skills necessary to visualize projects and discern their viability.

That is why it is recommended to prepare an internal manual in which certain clear guidelines are recorded to organize the activity and produce incentives that encourage the achievement of results. Therefore, the generation of proposals must be prioritized over the employee’s functions; under no circumstances should overlap over daily activities be penalized.

Develop an incentive system that rewards intra-entrepreneurship

It is essential to offer professionals involved in the development of innovative incentive proposals that reward their effort for their usual functions. Having a defined, transparent and effective system that meets this purpose will improve the quality of the proposals and motivate professionals. This type of system allows you to choose between different benefit models:

  • Earnings and earnings commissions
  • Contests with prizes
  • Cumulative score systems that can be exchanged for other benefits

All this allows the employee to improve their work benefits. Of course, such incentives must be adjusted to the possibilities of the company and the degree to which the proposals are useful to them.

Digital solutions for intra-entrepreneurship

Finally, it is very useful to incorporate digital solutions to strengthen and enhance intra-entrepreneurship within your company. Among the most prominent are the following:

  • Customized itineraries based on agile methodologies for project management from different workstations.
  • Discussion forums in which fluid and constructive channels of dialogue are established in which the creation of innovative proposals is collectively built.
  • Control panel to evaluate and maintain real-time monitoring of the different pending projects and completed projects.
  • Resources for the creation of projects that allow sharing and organizing the necessary information, and attaching relevant documentation.

The application of these techniques to enhance intra-entrepreneurship in your company ensures that it can adapt to new trends and respond better to an increasingly competitive environment. Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of the solutions we offer you at Acceleralia to improve the performance of your company.