Help young entrepreneurs from the municipality

Entrepreneurship is one of the career opportunities for many young people who are unemployed or who want to carry out a business idea. At the municipal level, helping young entrepreneurs is essential to favor business activity in the locality and to get young people to bet on staying in the municipality.

Support for entrepreneurs and municipal responsibility

In supporting entrepreneurs, there is a municipal responsibility when it comes to contributing to their success and projects are more likely to be carried out. Many entrepreneurs start in their beginnings with little financial support and with a fairly limited experience in entrepreneurship, and that is where municipalities and municipal agencies can do a great job.

Support for young people who are committed to creating their own company is crucial for any municipality. On the one hand, the young population is made to stay in the locality, instead of looking for other alternative locations. With this, the young population is fixed to the territory and the flight of talent to other places is avoided.

On the other hand, behind each entrepreneurial idea can be found the germ of a large company that ends up generating other jobs in the locality. This makes it possible to convert business ideas into established companies that generate employment and contribute to the local and family economy.

How to support entrepreneurship from a municipality

To support entrepreneurship from a municipality, there are different actions and programs that can be implemented, such as those carried out by the Madrid City Council. Among the most effective we can highlight the following:

Acceleration consulting

Acceleration and incubation consulting is one of the solutions we offer from Acceleralia. We contribute locally to transforming ideas into businesses by maximizing the entrepreneurial experience and increasing the guarantee of success of projects.

We work at a multidisciplinary level by improving communication, increasing productivity, generating synergies and optimizing working hours. All this together with a digital platform with innovative solutions with a guarantee of more than 20 years of experience.

Pre-incubator of companies

Creating a business pre-incubator can be a very interesting solution to turn business ideas into an early-stage business project. It is something that can be done at the municipal level to shape business ideas that can be successful if they are well thought out from the beginning.

Marketplace for merchants

A very interesting solution not only to support entrepreneurs, but also local commerce in general, is to create an online marketplace in which the shops of the municipality can exhibit their products and sell them in order to increase their visibility and increase their sales. There are many municipalities that have already taken this type of initiative successfully.

Bonus taxes for the first few years

At the municipal level, it is possible to implement a tax bonus for businesses that start their activity.To do this, it is necessary to draw up a list of possible taxes or municipal fees that a business has to face and design a bonus plan to help young entrepreneurs. In this way, they can save economic resources that can be used for the growth and development of their business.

Free spaces

One of the impediments faced by many entrepreneurs in the early stages is the payment for renting or buying an office or commercial premises. It is possible to enable free spaces for entrepreneurs that they can use to boost their business in the early stages. Normally, these spaces have services such as free Wi-Fi and furniture so that the entrepreneur does not have to face any expenses.

Aid for entrepreneurship

Something that many municipalities and municipal entities resort to is the granting of aid to young entrepreneurship. It is usual that a line of aid is enabled that entrepreneurs can request by providing documentation that justifies the start of their business activity in the municipality.

They are economic aids that can be of great help in the initial phases of any business completed with other entrepreneurship aid from SEPE or other organizations.

Encourage digitization

The promotion of digitization is another way in which a municipality can help a young entrepreneur with aid. These are lines of aid in which the purchase of software or computer equipment for local entrepreneurs is financed.

Digitization is essential today and these aids can be very useful for entrepreneurs to acquire all the computer solutions they need to launch their project with greater technological solvency.

As you can see, the help to young entrepreneurs from the municipalities can be very extensive and diverse. This type of aid can be decisive for a business idea to materialize successfully. Do you need advice on this? Contact us to find innovative solutions to promote entrepreneurship at the municipal level.