Finland and university education: the use of technology

When we talk about the best education systems worldwide, Finland always appears at the top, especially because of the commitment to new technologies and training methodologies carried out by the country’s public education.

For example, in Finland the university education is an example of how to do things well, and for some reason it receives more than 14,000 international students a year who go in search of an advanced and different education. Its cutting-edge technology applied to education, its economic investment in education (more than 11% of public funds) and its commitment to academic excellence, places its universities at the top of the rankings of the best universities globally.

How are the universities in Finland?

In the academic field, more and more people are wondering how education is doing in Finland. At the higher or university level it is very selective, but it has the great advantage of being free (as is the case with all levels of education). The universities of the country are very demanding with professors, looking for the highest level for the training provided, something that they see as economically rewarded if they obtain good results.

The university education system has focused on working on projects and competencies since 2016 (through the PhenoBL program or Phenomenon Based Learning), where the focus on ICT technologies and collaborative work takes on a special importance.

The training that students receive until they reach the university makes them arrive with a high mastery of digital skills, which allows private and public university centers in the country to develop a training model focused on technology (ICTs go from being a subject or subject to being the support to be able to work and manage information on any subject).

Application of technologies in university education 

Let’s see how universities in Finland rely on information and communication technologies to be among the most advanced and prestigious globally.

The student as a training center

Universities in Finland receive students who come from a training trajectory supported by digital skills, so their mastery of new technologies does not pose a barrier to implementing new tools, platforms, or technological devices.

As at all levels of education, in Finnish universities the student is at the center of all training actions, using ICT technologies as a support for the acquisition of knowledge, skills and skills in all subjects.

High teacher training

University professors in the country, in addition to having great social consideration, have high technology training, which facilitates the implementation and use of ICT resources in university training projects.

This mastery of university faculty technology makes it possible for universities to bet on mobility in training, the use of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, and reduces the cost and effort necessary for universities to be up to date with information and communication technologies.

Constant update

In Finland, university education is always up to date with regard to the use of new technologies and methodologies applied to training. Society and the authorities of the country are fully aware of how quickly technology evolves and the importance of always staying up to date, something that can be reflected in the ability of universities to implement new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, big data, augmented reality or the Internet of Things, among many other tools.

Compared to universities in other European countries, and especially with Spanish universities, Finnish schools and university centers stand out for always being at the forefront in the use of state-of-the-art technological devices, as well as the implementation of new training methodologies, modern and supported by ICT.

Learning for the future

Universities in Finland aim to educate students so that, they have a positive impact on the country’s prosperity in the future, based on four important aspects:
The future is now  why universities must adapt to the continuous changes associated with technological advances, which even occur from one course to another.

Encourage creativity through the use of technology, encouraging students’ curiosity to research and create.
Training with the use of technological resources is more enjoyable and fun, but it does not mean that it is simpler. University students are aware that it is necessary to apply effort and dedication to be able to develop new skills using technological tools and systems.

Apply technologies for training based on real experiences, which allows students to enter the labor market immediately (overcome the barriers between the university and the real world).

We have talked to you about how, in Finland, university education is one of the most interesting and successful worldwide, especially because of its great commitment to technology, digitization and the use of modern training methodologies.

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