How to motivate college students

When a person enrolls in the university, or enrolls in a business school, they are encouraged and motivated; they have their goal in mind and want to go for it. However, as time passes and it becomes difficult to combine private life with studies, that initial desires disappear. Therefore, it is the responsibility of teachers and schools to motivate students.

What do university and business school students need to be motivated?

Be clear about the learning objectives

A student who doesn’t know exactly what is expected of him can quickly get frustrated. Fortunately, we can avoid this if, from the first moment, each teacher is in charge of making clear what are the objectives to be achieved by the students of their subject.

Dedicating the first class to clarifying the objectives, and resuming this topic whenever necessary, ensures that students stay focused on their goals and are much more motivated to achieve them.

Develop in a friendly environment

In the workplace, there is a lot of talk about the importance of the work climate as an element to motivate the workforce. Well, in the field of education, exactly the same thing happens. Students will be more motivated if they feel comfortable in their study environment, whether in person or online.

To do this, it is necessary to promote companionship and create an environment of trust between students and teachers, as well as promote positive reinforcement.

A healthy competition

Competitiveness does not necessarily have to be bad, and it is a good tool to motivate learning. In fact, healthy competitiveness stimulates both motivation and productivity, encourages students to work harder to excel. But you must always try to do it in a friendly spirit.

Reflect on your situation

Each person is different and, therefore, the self-reflection of the students should be promoted. If they are unmotivated, are not getting good grades or do not feel able to pass a certain subject, they should carry out a self-assessment that allows them to reach conclusions.

These types of reflections help to make problems look much clearer and, consequently, to make the most appropriate decisions to address them. And we all feel more motivated when we are clear about what we should do to face something that worried us.

Tips to motivate university students

Have last generation digital tools

Studying today is nothing like what it was done a decade ago, and this must be taken into account when it comes to knowing how to motivate students. We are in the middle of the digital age, so let’s take advantage of it.

In this specific case, you can take advantage of digital platforms such as those we offer on our page, which facilitate learning and make all the necessary resources available to the student. This little extra help makes the student feel the protagonist of his learning process and is more motivated.

Appeal to the surprise factor

Often, students are discouraged because each day in class is the same as the previous one. They already know what awaits them, and I’m sure they will find better things to do.

So that this does not happen, what can be done from time to time is to resort to the surprise factor. Schedule an activity that involves getting out of the routine. For example, if we are dealing with law students, why not take them to see a trial?

Introduce variety in classes

You can also get out of the routine without having to leave the classroom. The key is to plan the classes in a more dynamic way so that they are not always the same. When it comes to how to motivate students, this is one of the simplest and most effective techniques to apply.

Instead of resorting to the typical master class, or the slideshow, you can approach the explanation of a topic from a more practical point of view, or propose to the students to work as a team and they explain the topic to their classmates.

Do not overload students

University students and business schools have a life that goes beyond the classroom. They may have a job and family responsibilities, and this must be respected. If we overload them with tasks, academic stress will appear, in the end they will be overwhelmed and lose motivation.

It is necessary that they continue to study outside the classroom, but this should not become something that complicates their existence. Instead of sending work after work, they can consider solving small exercises, or even addressing learning in other ways: with recommended readings, movies or series related to the subject of study, gamification, etc.

Motivating students is not as complicated a task as it seems. With the help of technology and motivational tricks that have been proving to be effective for decades, students will follow their training with enthusiasm and achieve the goals they have set themselves.

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