Looking for funding for your startup?

Are you looking for help for your startup? If you have a business idea in mind and you don’t know where to get the necessary funding to make it a reality, follow the guidelines we give you in our post. With them, you will finally get your company to get going.

Finding funding is one of the first pitfalls that arise when we consider how to create a startup. In principle, it may seem like an overwhelming task, but, fortunately, there are multiple financing paths that will allow you to move your project forward.

How can you get financing for your startup?

  1. Self-financing: popularly known as FFF (Friends, Family & Fools), this financing route involves resorting to the loan between individuals from your closest circle.
  2. Crowdfunding: consists of obtaining help for your startup through crowdfunding. This means that a multitude of investors make small contributions through a crowdfunding platform (e.g. Startupxplore).
  3. Business Angels: they are individual or collective investors who provide aid for startups. Generally, in addition to financial support, they provide mentoring, networking and experience in exchange for obtaining a percentage in the company.
  4. Bank financing: financial institutions have lines of credit specifically created for emerging companies that stand out for their advantageous conditions (e.g.: BSTARTUP).
  5. Venture capital funds: your Investor Committee is the one that decides which start-ups you want to finance temporarily. Examples of these funds are Caixa Capital Risc and Kibo Ventures.
  6. Public aid: they can be participatory loans (such as ENISA), awards to entrepreneurs (such as INJUVE), company-sponsored programs (e.g.: BBVA Open Talent) and non-repayable grants (regional, state, European, etc.).

Truly, although there are many ways to get help for your startup, the competition to achieve such funding is very tough. At this point, and whatever the investment source, having a company accelerator will help you play with an advantage.

These are the European grants you can apply for for your startup

Next Tech Fund

Next Tech Fund is a program that is integrated into the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR) and whose endowment amounts to 4 billion euros. It seeks to promote innovative high-impact digital projects in startups related to disruptive technologies (such as AI or nanotechnology).

Accelerator of the European Innovation Council (CIS)

The CEI accelerator has as beneficiaries, once again, startups that produce disruptive technologies. Its purpose is the development and expansion of revolutionary innovations with subsidies of up to 2.5 million euros. Its total budget exceeds 10 billion euros for the period from 2021 to 2027.

Other grants for startups managed by this European organization are EIC Pathfinder (350 million euros) and IC Transition (130 million euros).

Activate Startups: The best help for your startup?

Activa Startups is a program that offers grants of up to 40,000 euros to SMEs that collaborate with startups to overcome innovation challenges. The fields it covers range from digital transformation or the development of emerging technologies to the implementation of the circular and decarbonized economy.

Its global endowment is 44 million euros and with them it seeks to help more than 11,000 companies until December 2023. These funds come from the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (101 million euros), which is part of the Next Generation-EU program.

SMEs, start-ups and consortia between SMEs and startups may be beneficiaries of this program. Its requirements are included in the regulatory bases (Order ICT/1426/2021, of December 14).

LIFE Program

If your startup has business projects related to the environment and climate change, it can benefit from the LIFE Program, whose total economic endowment amounts to 1,555 million euros. It is one of the oldest programs in the European Union, since it turned 30 in 2022. Since its creation, it has subsidized more than 900 projects in our country.

Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is a European program with which you can get help for your startup. It will allocate 95 million euros between 2021 and 2027. Its objectives are to enhance the European scientific and technological bases, comply with the priorities of citizens and promote innovation, employment and competitiveness.


The INNVIERTE program finances R & D projects developed by startups and scaleups. The funding channels it provides are grants from the R&D Framework Program and partially reimbursable loans. Its average investment reaches 1.4 million euros.

Of course, getting help for your startup is essential when starting your business journey. Whether you want to finance it with Activa Startups or with other grants, at Acceleralia we make it very easy for you when it comes to accelerating your business project. Contact us now for more information!