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¡Attention SMEs!

The European Union seeks to energize the business fabric by offering a subsidy of up to 40,000 euros to help small and medium-sized companies grow and thrive through digital transformation.

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This program is specifically designed for SMEs and startups to collaborate in the development of a digital challenge that generates a competitive advantage or solves a problem for them. With active startups, you can get the support you need to grow your company in a sustainable way.

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About us

Acceleralia is a technological startup founded in Barcelona in 2020 by a group of entrepreneurs with more than 12 years of experience and more than 1000 accelerated projects, with the aim of helping companies manage decentralized communities in the new work environment.

We provide efficient and tailor-made B2B2C digital ecosystems to large, small and medium-sized companies, increasing efficiency through knowledge generation, challenge resolution and acceleration with agile methodologies.

We are experts in transforming ideas into real actions using digital solutions.

Our solutions to solve your challenges


We design a custom digital training academy for your employees, suppliers or customers.
A technical training platform with its own, third-party and organization’s own content and with customizable completion certifications.
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We cover all learning needs within your organization. We have collaborations with the main LMS and with the largest content generators on the market. The creation of content through a tool that facilitates the entire process. Personalized dashboards to track all progress.

Virtual Spaces

We create custom-designed virtual spaces where you will have access to an entire ecosystem of work and learning.

Shorten distances, personalize the experience, gamify the learning process and facilitate communication.

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We digitize your community into a virtual space. A whole ecosystem of work and learning.

We transform your corporate needs into solutions, adding spaces specially designed for you, adapted to the branding of your organization and your internal structure.

We transform your corporate needs into effective solutions!


Our team of experts will be at your disposal to help you at every stage of the process, ensuring that the project meets the requirements required by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. We will help you in the process of preparing the technical report, making sure that you get the best possible results for your company.

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