Aid to women entrepreneurs within the municipality

Female entrepreneurship has grown rapidly in recent years. Even so, female entrepreneurship still accounts for just 35% of the total number of self-employed people in Spain. That’s why the development of aid to women entrepreneurs is so important.

It is common for different organizations, especially at the municipal level, to develop various measures and actions with the aim of promoting female entrepreneurship through different grants.

What are the aids for women entrepreneurs in the municipalities?

At the municipal level, there are many municipalities and public bodies that develop plans to promote women entrepreneurs in their localities. Among the aids that are currently offered and those that can be developed to promote this entrepreneurship, we can highlight the following:


Offering training to women who want to start their own business is one of the most common aids offered. The most common is that training is offered in business management, dealing with topics such as taxation, data protection, marketing, the generation of business ideas, the use of social networks and other topics related to the management of a company. Training in languages or digital skills is also usually offered to complement the above.

Development of the business plan

Among the aids for female entrepreneurship, it is common to offer personalized and individualized support for the elaboration of the business plan.

This document is necessary to receive financing from banking entities or financial aid from public bodies. At Acceleralia we offer our consulting service in business acceleration and incubation helping organizations offer this service to women entrepreneurs.

Professional advice

Many women who have never had contact with entrepreneurship before do not need training, but advice when starting their business activity.

Advice on legal issues, in the processing of aid and subsidies, on patents and trademarks, ways of financing the business or which legal form is most appropriate for the company, are some of the main topics on which to offer advice to women entrepreneurs.

Aid and subsidies

Aid and subsidies are great help for entrepreneurs who start with a reduced capital to start their business. There are grants designed only for women that can be very useful to invest in business improvements or in the purchase of equipment or material.

Many of these grants and subsidies can be offered at the municipal level, but also in other public institutions. Offering the entire catalog of aids that an enterprising woman can opt for can be of great help.

Publications and guides

At the municipal level, it is possible to write guides and publications with information of interest to women entrepreneurs that they can use to boost their business.

A well-designed guide can be very useful to follow a step by step when starting a business. Although it is something that small municipalities cannot afford, it is possible to develop them in collaboration with other municipalities with similar interests in supporting female entrepreneurship.

Assignment of municipal spaces

It can be of great help to offer professional spaces or offices in which women entrepreneurs can start their activity without having to pay a rent for a premises or office. Although these types of municipal spaces are not suitable for all types of businesses, they can be of great help for digital entrepreneurs and independent professionals.

It is also interesting to create coworking spaces and meeting rooms so that they can serve their customers and suppliers with professionalism.


Creating a network of women entrepreneurs at the municipal level is an idea that many municipalities are implementing with the aim of bringing women who have their own business closer together. This allows them to meet women with similar concerns, exchange opinions and experiences, and even establish business ties between them, creating mutually beneficial relationships for all parties.

You can also choose to create an association of business women in localities with the largest volume of women entrepreneurs.


Some municipalities collaborate with the new businesses and companies that are created in their locality, promoting their visibility so that they are known among the neighbors and thus have a greater impact.

In the initial phases, businesses have few resources to invest in advertising or marketing, but municipalities can collaborate in this regard to publicize the new female enterprises that are founded in the municipality. Dissemination through social networks is usually the most common thing in these cases.

As we can see, there are many actions that can be developed at the municipal level to support women entrepreneurs. Aid to women entrepreneurs is very important to consolidate their business projects. Do you need advice to accelerate and incubate business ideas led by women in your locality? Contact us now and, from Acceleralia, we will find the ideal solution for your location.