Terms and Conditions Mentors

Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions and make sure you understand them before accepting to become a mentor at Acceleralia.

Confidentiality: All information and content shared between 2DG and mentor will remain confidential to the previous stated agreement.

Commitment: Mentor will be notified through email when a request for a meeting is scheduled and will agree to accept or decline with at least three days margin. Mentor agrees to provide educational and developmental advice. The mentor will offer their services of expertise in their respective fields for consultation and advice to any 2DG client who deems it necessary.

In this symbiotic relationship, the mentor will benefit from working directly with 2DG’s clients and 2DG will benefit from having talented mentors to offer to their clients. Our goal is to connect as many people as possible. Whether the objective is learning, networking or consulting. We believe that even the experts can learn through this collaboration, and for this reason, we offer this opportunity to every expert regardless of the years of expertise.

Mentors will receive a paid rate of 30€/hour for every mentorship given through Acceleralia – Digital Acceleration Platform.

The services will be paid at the end of each month calculating all hours of mentorship done

during this period of time. For any doubt related to this contract, you can send an email to

support@aceleralia.com or at the person of our team that has contacted you.

Length of Relationship: This mentorship relationships will last one year and will be automatically renewed yearly. However, either party reserves the right to discontinue the relationship for any reason provided the terminating party notifies the other.

Our Team:

2DigitsGrowth originates in Barcelona with the idea of disrupting the acceleration sector. We developed the platform Acceleralia in order to digitize a traditionally long and costly sector, that acceleration consulting can be. Our team is global just like our brand and consists of website and platform developers, motivated to be the backbone of this sectorial disruption. 

Our platform consists of over 300 different types of e-learning and is backed up by the expertise of over 50 mentors from 20 different sectors available to help your projects.