Estefania Giaccone
I am a PhD Candidate in Law at UC3M, Fulbright Scholar, LL.M. graduate at NYU and Lawyer from Argentina. Over the past four years, the academic stimulation of the NYU LLM program, combined with the professional challenges of serving as a research scholar and consultant in leading global human rights organizations and universities, have consolidated my commitment to the field of human rights law, particularly as regards to its implementation. My work in the Argentinean judicial system, prior to and after the LL.M., has also confirmed my belief in accountability. Since I returned to Argentina in late 2019, Justice Osvaldo Otheguy selected me to work as a Law Clerk (permanent) of the court. Working side by side with him, I have refined my research, writing, and organizational skills, enriched especially by his devotion to integrity, impartiality, and inclusion (values I share professionally and personally). In every claim brought to the court, the interpretation of local, national, and international law is at stake, since international human rights law (the fundamental source of many local and national laws) must be adjusted to the local context while respecting the fundamental principles (including the rule of law and the separation of powers) set forth in the National Constitution. Therefore, when drafting a judgment or while working in the admissibility section of the IACHR, I must keep in mind the limits imposed on the judiciary: interpretative, legislative, and judicial (such as the prohibition of advisory opinions, standing, ripeness, mootness, and the political question doctrine). Moreover, I have worked in the development of several databases, i.e, during my time as a Research Scholar at NYU, I worked for Prof. Pablo de Greiff, former Special Rapporteur on the promotion of truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-recurrence, reviewing all the existing constitutions and analyzing and tagging the terms required for the NYU transitional justice project. During my post-degree academic training, I also worked at the Criminal Unit of the International Center For Transitional Justice.There, I obtained practical training concerning transitional justice issues and accountability for the victims of the enforced disappearance of persons. Besides, I expanded my knowledge of economic and social rights in conflict and post-conflict countries and supported a research initiative related to the newly passed law in Lebanon on the missing and disappeared, drafting bylaws and preparing legal documents and memos. Given this broad background in human rights and access to justice, including extensive research, analysis, writing, advisory, and organization, and my fluency in Spanish and English, I am confident that I will be able to make valuable contributions as a mentor.

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