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The first stage in the creation of a company is also known as the ideation phase. The choice of the type of business to start is the starting point of any business project. The previous factors to consider and undertake are determined.

This phase consists of the development of the business model that will allow you to know clearly the value proposition that you want to offer, detailing who it is aimed at and how the income will be achieved.

Once the business model has been defined, it will be validated through the correct development of the initial idea until a Minimum Viable Product (MPV) is achieved and thus tested in the market.

In the seed phase, the project has already been tested in the market, which allows a better understanding of the interests of your customers and their impressions of your product / service, without the need to fully develop it.

Once the product achieves its introduction into the market, it is time to consolidate, either reaching new places, new segments, or niches in which to break into with force.







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