Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Acceleralia, simplifying the information that we all inquire about.

What is the Digital Kit and who can request it?

 The Digital Kit is a Government of Spain initiative to subsidize the implementation of digital solutions. Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs) with 1 to 49 workers and self-employed individuals can request it. 

Only for companies that have been incorporated for more than 6 months.

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What are the requirements to apply for the Digital Kit?

       – Microenterprise, small business, or self-employed.

    – Not considered a company in crisis.

    – Compliant with tax obligations and Social Security.

    – No pending recovery order from the European Commission for illegal aid.

    – Not subject to prohibitions in Law 38/2003, article 13.2.

    – Registered in the Census of entrepreneurs, professionals, and retainers.

    – Below the minimum aid limit of €200,000.

    – Evaluation of Digital Maturity Level through the Acelera SME platform.

    – Tax domicile in Spain.

What digitalization solutions are available in the Digital Kit?

       – Website and Basic Internet Presence.

    – E-commerce.

    – Social Media Management.

    – Advanced Internet Presence.

What services does Acceleralia provide?
  • We enhance the performance of entrepreneurial communities on a digital platform.
  • We build virtual innovation spaces to optimize the performance of work communities.
  • We offer solutions to multiply efficiency in talent-dispersed work communities.
  • We provide support in developing ideas from start to finish, empowering the talent within a company and streamlining the management time of these activities through communities.

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What are the practical benefits of using Execute in my company?


Execute increases resource efficiency by 50%, avoiding duplication of doubts, and enhances capacity by 100% through automated customized deliverables with intelligent printing. Know more here: 

How can Create drive innovation in my company?

Create provides a platform for idea generation through challenges and collaborative events, increasing efficiency by 60% with automated communication flows and team building. Know more here: 

How can Coach drive professional growth within my leadership team?

Coach organizes experts to provide mentorship, coaching, and knowledge sharing, creating a supportive environment with automated mentorship processes using templates, reviews, and dashboards.Know more here:

How does Learn contribute to continuous development in my company?

It establishes a learning management system aggregator, allowing experts to contribute, collaborate, and access internal and external knowledge, fostering a culture of continuous learning. Know more here: 

 What government support does Spain provide for business innovation and digitalization?

Kit Digital y Activa Startup

How can Acceleralia assist my company?

Business Acceleration:


Acceleralia specializes in accelerating the growth and development of businesses. They can provide tailored strategies, mentorship, and resources to help your company scale more rapidly.


Innovation and Technology Integration:


If your company is looking to innovate or integrate new technologies, Acceleralia can offer guidance. This may involve identifying cutting-edge solutions, connecting you with relevant technology partners, or providing insights on industry trends.


Networking and Partnerships:


Acceleralia often has a robust network of industry professionals, investors, and potential partners. They can facilitate introductions and collaborations that can benefit your company’s growth.




Acceleralia may organize training sessions or workshops to enhance the skills and capabilities of your team, ensuring they are equipped to tackle challenges and drive innovation.


Customized Support:


Acceleralia’s support is often tailored to the unique needs of each company. They can conduct an assessment of your current challenges and opportunities and provide personalized recommendations.

It’s advisable to reach out directly to Acceleralia to discuss your specific situation and explore how our services can be customized to benefit your company’s growth and success. Contact us: 

What is Acceleralia?

 Acceleralia is a Barcelona-based organization founded in 2020 by a group of entrepreneurs with over 12 years of experience and a track record of 1000 accelerated projects. Our focus is on assisting companies in managing distributed communities in the new remote work environment through the creation of personalized digital spaces.

What is the goal of providing a dedicated virtual space within a consortium?

   – Objective: Provide a dedicated virtual space for each working community within the consortium.

   – Purpose: Centralize all project solutions and tools in one place, multiplying efficiency and collaboration between 5 and 15 times within the working community.

If you want to know more about us, contact us and we will help you.


If you want to know more about us, contact us and we will help you.