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We create innovative solutions adapted to the needs and future challenges of the educational world.

For that purpose, we base our solutions on our extensive experience in the educational and technological sectors, agile methodologies, and reverse engineering.

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Platform features

My projects

Develop your projects through itineraries with milestones and tasks and generate smart deliverables in one click.



Qualified network with investors, mentors, business, alumni and a discussion forum.

Digital resources


Knowledge area with templates and documents and more than 600 Acceleralia academy resources.



Monitoring and evaluating all projects simultaneously and in real-time with their metrics.



Stay updated on the evolution and news of your projects.


Our itineraries

The strategic plan comprises the economic-financial, strategic, and organizational plans through which the company or organization must achieve its goals and fulfill its future mission.

The financial plan will help you simulate the necessary requirements to request a loan or plan the financial section of your project according to your economic objectives along with your financial strategy.

Document that describes how they intend to achieve their marketing objectives and, in this way, facilitate and manage efforts in the assigned area.

A set of initiatives implemented in a company with the aim of improving and developing the professional lives of employees.

Collaboration and leadership techniques to use in large and small groups to achieve the success and accompaniment of your team.

This work methodology is divided into different phases and is based on a people-centered approach to promote innovation in organizations in an effective and successful way.

Create and formulate your own itineraries depending on your curriculum needs in order to create your ideal itinerary with your desired resources.

Take on your tasks more effectively and be a builder of your own knowledge and manager of your learning.

A collection of methods, techniques, and strategies that place students of any educational level at the center of their learning, encourage teamwork, encourage critical thinking, and go beyond memorization.

Create and formulate your own itineraries depending on your curriculum needs in order to create your ideal itinerary with your desired resources.

We have the best professionals in the educational world

All our itineraries are developed by experts

Personalization and accompaniment in the process

Discover the power of eduACCELERA​

Among our mentors

Francisco López Rupérez

Former President of the State School Board

Marc Sanz López

Head of Education at Google EMEA

Marcial Marín Hellín

Former Secretary of State for Education

Ton Guardiet Mas


Some of our clients

Transform students into future leaders​

Improve the educational experience of your students, increase their autonomy, eliminate “the blank page syndrome”; and make them take their knowledge and projects to the real world.