Unlock Efficiency in Report Writing with AI

Tired of long hours writing reports? Our AI tool cuts writing time by 70%. Get it for free by including us in one consortium project—an efficient, cost-free collaboration.

Why choose our tool?

Time-saving Power

Say goodbye to long hours of manual report generation. Our AI Grants streamlines the writing process, letting you focus on what truly matters.


Perfect Partner for European and Entrepreneurial Projects

Whether you're involved in a European project or an entrepreneurial venture, our tool is designed to meet your specific needs. Tailored for seamless integration into diverse projects.


Communication and Dissemination Expertise

We understand the importance of effective communication and dissemination in project management. Our AI Grants Writer not only enhances your writing speed but also ensures that your message is delivered with clarity and impact.


AI Tool

Unlock AI's potential with our tool – the ideal solution for project excellence.


Seeking a partner for cutting-edge technology in dissemination work?

Explore the innovation of our solution, Diffusion, where we craft a realm of possibilities. Engage in the art of creating Academies, igniting Challenges, fostering Projects, and providing the guidance of expert mentoring.


Mentors and experts




Happy Costumers

Group 10


Executed Projects

How it Works:

A free trial report (this includes free of charge), the adaptation of the call IA template, the uploading of historical reports to be able to pick up best practices and tips and technical support from us to show you the savings of 70% of your time in the writing of the reports.

If phase 1 is successful, we give you the tool for ALL the memories you want at no cost, only with the commitment that during the next 6 months, you put us in at least one project per semester (2 per year).

-If this is fulfilled, you have the tool and the support of our technicians free of charge for each semester (the participation of at least 1 project per semester).

-If this is not fulfilled (that we can not participate in any project for 6 months) we go to phase 3.

Monthly payment of 250€/month, until you get us invited in a collaborative project with the role of communication and dissemination. At this point we move again to phase 2 (free of charge) for a period of 6 more months. And so on.

Effortless Integration, Intelligent Support, and Time-Efficiency: Seamlessly integrate with your workflow, our AI learns from your style, offering smart suggestions, slashing report writing time while maintaining quality.

Share with us your project and let our artificial intelligence adapt to your next meeting, boosting your chances of turning it into a winning project.

Join us on a journey of empowerment!

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